How to bet on Football match and Win

Are you tired of staking and losing your money while betting? You need to ask certain important question to actually understand why some bets win and some always lose.
The real answer to this question is simple. Whatever you are putting your money into, you will have to understand it in and out. That’s where a lot of people get it wrong – betting without having a clear strategy.
Football betting experts don’t always win, but they win more often than they lose!
To get to that level, you need to understand the strategies and principles they employ.
Before you start placing bids, first ask yourself these questions:
What type of bets should you place?
What are the proven strategies that lead to greater success?
We’ll be discussing more about this in this article, so keep reading!

Types of bets in football


One of the commonest types of football bets is the 1×2. This betting style gives you the opportunity to bet on any of the three possible outcomes in football game. The 3 possible outcomes can either be 1 for the home win, X for the game draw and 3 for the away win.

  • A home win
  • An away win
  • A draw

How a 1X2 bet is placed

Let’s use a “1” to represent a Home team win, “2” for an Away team win and X for a draw.
We can also use a premiership league game can be used as a template. For instance, a game involving the Arsenal and Liverpool clubs game with an odd of 2.32, 3.21 and 2.72 represent likelihood for Arsenal to win. When 1 is tagged the winner of the game means that Arsenal is the winner as the home team while a win for 2 represents a win for Liverpool as the away team. X represent draw for the game.
In the use of 100 stakes in the betting for Arsenal as the game winner will be calculated as 232 yields if they actually win as predicted. In order case, if the match goes in opposite direction and Liverpool wins the match the odd yield will be 272 while in case of a draw, it will be 321.

Double Chance

Double chance is another type which is also common. In this case, we need to understand that we have the opportunity to consider two out of the three possible outcomes.

  • A win for the home team
  • A win for the away team
  • A draw

In double chance, two outcomes are paired to make a single bet option. This provides a wider option for punters at a reduced risk. The pairing can be a win and a draw for either the home or the away team. A win occurs when there is a win for the home team or draw and you already place your bet for the home team. But if the away team wins, you will lose your bet.

Draw No Bet

This betting variant gives the only win opportunity for bettors. No draw option. If your placement wins the match, you are the winner of the bet but if it goes in opposite direction you lose your bet. A draw means your stake will be returned.

Over / under

This is all about total goals scored in a match.

How Over/Under betting works

A betting site might indicate a probability for the teams to score less or more goals, 2 or 3 goals.
Over 2.5 goals betting type implicate that the teams need to score 3 or more goals for you to win while anything less is a loss of the bet. Under 2.5 goals betting type means the total number of goals in a match must not be more than 2 goals at the end of the match for you to win but 3 goals or more is a loss.

Both Teams to Score

This type of bet indicates that both teams will have to score in the game for you to be a winner of the bet if you place it on both teams to score. But if the match ends and only a team scores, you lose the bet.
No matter which team wins, if both teams score, you win your bet. You also have the opportunity to do cash out your winnings even before the match ends.


This system works might be difficult to understand for newcomers. The full description is below. There is the level playing field for workers too. A goal handicap can turn to be positive or negative. The determinants there are to be considered. There are various forms of handicap betting types. Handicap style of betting comes in a few other variants. Let’s check them out:

Level Handicap

The level handicap is a Zero goal handicap betting which is used when someone noticed no differences in the team abilities. In this scenario, the betting sites make a level handicap bet available.
For you to be a winner, you need to place your bet on the team you predicted to score more.
A draw game; you get your stake back but a win for the other team is a loss of bet for you.

Single Handicap

A notable difference in the team to play in terms of their abilities gives the option for single handicap.
A difference in goals will be placed on the stronger team (either positive or negative), e.g. a -0.5, -1, or -1.5 goal difference.
To win in this betting type, a -1 goal handicap betting for Team A means the team needs to score 1 goal more compare to the Team B for you to win. Any exception to this means 1 goal difference from team A, that is draw and stake is returned. A win for B or draw means you lose the game.

Split Handicap

In split handicap system, there is no major difference in the abilities of the teams. This makes splitting of the goal handicap between the teams. Team A might be allocated a 0 or -0.5 handicap. If you choose this as your bet, the team must win for you to win your bet. In case the other team wins, you have lost your bet. A game draw means your -0.5 will be lost while the 0 stakes returned.

Research before betting

Information empowers you and gives you the opportunity to understand what you want to place your money into. It plays a significant role in your success with betting. A good research is there to give you this information.
This is what will help you understand the strategies and principle involved in betting.
Building a football betting strategy is a tasking process which takes time. Research quality determines the bet success.
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Team form

Another major principle that helps is having good information relating to the team form. This ensures your prediction is on the go.
The information you have about the present team squad, their past performances with the last 5 games played, the number of goals scored with number conceded always plays a major role when you are planning and making a proper prediction.

  • Number of goals scored
  • Number of goals conceded
  • Possession

Home and away records

Another major influencing factor is having the information relating to the history of the team as regards to their head to head status is always very good. It gives a better opportunity to have an idea of how both teams played against each other in the past.
Home and away records of both teams will be evaluated to make a proper decision. When team X seems to play better in the past with other teams with a win always but with the opposing team in question, they always secure draw, placing your stake at this is more of a risk considering X to win.

History between the two clubs

The present teams form might be influential but the place of history can’t be overemphasized. It plays major plays a major role when it comes to some matches or clubs.

Team news

Team news is another important factor that helps make a better decision about a game.
You need to have information relating to the team forms in terms of player’s injury, suspension, and those that are doubtful players are major determinants for match possible outcome.

  • Suspended players
  • Injured players
  • Doubtful players


Players and coaches are motivators for a team. They are there to inspire them or encourage them to perform more. When players are not motivated, performance is always affected. That could result in a disappointing game result.
In a case where the best player in a team is injured, the team morale can be affected hence the game results.

When the experts have this information, they consider as an influencing factor for the likely game outcome. This is considered by punters before placing the bet.


This is another consideration in associated information towards the game result. It plays another important role in the outcome of a game. Not usually considered by punters. When you understand the importance and how upcoming fixtures influence the effective prediction of the lineup for the present game. A major final game coming up next can affect the coach decision, hence resting some players and playing some. That could affect the outcome of the present game.

Common football betting mistakes

There are some common pitfalls to avoid when placing your bets. Avoid making the same mistakes, and you should have a more successful football betting experience.

Misunderstanding value

Value can be quite confusing to punters. Value is not about your opinion, but a correct interpretation of the available information, stats, and trends of both teams involved in the game.
Keep in mind that betting sites don’t always reflect the true value of odds for a game. Do your own research and make an informed judgment and the odds will be stacked in your favour!

Betting with emotion

This is one major issue that affects several bettors because of their passion for football. Emotion also affects bettors’ decision about the game prediction. It creates biases when making a decision. It is as a result of the passion the bettors have for a team and simply because of their knowledge about the team. This is a mistake that is known to affect people’s decision or opinion about placing a bet.
For someone to build his or her betting skills or success, biases or emotion must be fully controlled and ensure it does not influence your decision by following the right principle and strategies.

Following the crowd

Crowd decision affects a lot of our decision in making a right prediction. This is because it can wrongly influence the bettor’s perception about the right bets to place. Following the crowd in most instances lower the success. There is often a “crowd mentality” that needs to be avoided which believes that the majority is always right. However, bear in mind that:

  • Most football punters lose more money than they gain
  • When the majority stakes on a particular outcome the odds drop in value

Sticking with losing systems

It is important to place bets with a proven and working strategy. When you notice that a system always fails you, it is important for you to ensure you look for a working strategy and move with that strategy. You have to avoid sticking with the losing system.
Note that no single strategy has a 100% working success rate. You also need to learn how to sharpen your perseverance and focus!