How to download Betxchange app

Betxchange is a well-known South African betting website authorised by the Gauteng Gambling Board. The site offers competitive odds on American Football, Soccer, Rugby, horse racing, Ice hockey and lots more. Betxchange also makes it easy for punters to make deposits and cash out their winnings through various payments options. Unfortunately there are no official Betxchange application to download, that is the reason why Betxchange company warn players about installing illegal application. To download the Betxchange and enjoy all the features that comes with it.

1. First, you have to be registered so tap to register.
2. Visit the the mobile version of Betxchange website

Betxchange mobile version

3. If you want to enter your personal Betxchange account – tap on the “login” button in the end of menu.


download betxchange mobile application

4. Now you can use all the features of the mobile website.

How to download betxchange app


If you have some trouble with this guide – you can just follow the online support on the main review of Betxchange.


The maximum daily winning on any combination of bets at betxhcange is R500, 000. The minimum amount you can wager is R100.
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