How to Register on Betting World

In the South African gambling industry, Betting World is rated one of the best sports betting website. The bookie also has several outlets in South Africa where players can visit to place their bets, check results at the end of each events and withdraw their winnings. For punters who prefer online betting, they can register on the Betting World website by following a simple registration process and start betting. Here is how you can join the Betting World website.

1. Visit the Betting World website on

2. Place your cursor or tap on “My account”.


Visit the Betting World website

3. Click on “register”.

4. Fill in all the required information on the registration form.


complete your registration

5. Slide the lock at the bottom of the registration page to the far right to prove you are not a robot.

6. Click on “ok” at the bottom of the registration page.

7. To complete your registration click on the link sent to your email address.


Betting World is a different sports betting website that offers a wide range of options when it comes to sports categories
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