How to Reset Password on Betxchange

Are you having trouble logging into your account? Sometime we can’t recall our password and because of this we can’t gain access into our account. This doesn’t have to make you lose your account on Betxchange as there is an automated system that allows punters to recover their account and open their accounts within a few minutes. Below is how you can reset your password on Betxchange.

1. Go to

Go to site

2. Click on “login” and proceed to select “lost your password”

3. Enter you’re the email you registered when creating your account.

Reset Password on Betxchange

4. Check your email for a set of instructions on how to reset your password.

5. Use the information sent to you to log into your account and start betting. Once you are logged in, you can change your password to whatever you want.


The maximum daily winning on any combination of bets at betxhcange is R500, 000. The minimum amount you can wager is R100.
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