How to Reset Password on Lotto Star

Lotto Star is an online sports betting website that provides South African punters with a platform to place bets on the biggest sports games. The Lotto Star website is easy to navigate and offers a couple of automated help to punters. One of these is helping punters who have lost their password to retrieve their login details and gain access back into their account. Here is how punters can initiate a password retrieval process in Lotto Star website.

1. Go to

Lotto Star Betting Website

2. Click on “login” at the top of the webpage

3. Proceed to click on “forgotten your password” below the login button.

Reset Password on Lotto Star

4. Enter your email address. It must be the email address you registered with.

5. You will be sent a set of instructions on how to reset your password.

6. Follow the password retrieval process and login with the new details sent to you.