How to Reset Password on Sportingbet

Trying to log into your Sportingbet account but all the password you try won’t open your account? This happens to best of us and you need not worry. As long as you have a valid user account that was operating fully before you forgot your password or username, you can get your account back. Retrieving your account on Sportingbet is quite easy and we have put together a guide to help you through the process.

1. Visit the official Sportingbet website through

Visit the Sportingbet website

2. Click “I have forgotten my password”

3. Enter the email address you registered your account with or your user ID to commence your password retrieval process.

Recover Password or Username on Sportingbet

4. An email will be sent to you within minutes on how to retrieve your account.

5. Follow the instructions carefully as you might get restricted if you do not follow all the due process.

6. Use your new password to log back into your account.


In the event that you lost a single game from an accumulated bet slip, instead of the usual practice of forfeiting your stake money, it will be refunded when you place a stake at Sportingbet’s official website.
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