How to Reset Password on Sportsbet

Can’t recall your password or username to log into your account? Tried a few combinations already but you can’t still get access into your account? On Sportsbet, you can start a password retrieval process and get your account back in a matter of minutes if you can provide all the necessary details to prove the account is yours. Below is brief and simple guide on how to reset your password on Sportsbet.

1. Visit through your web browser.

2. Click on “login” at the top of the Sportsbet homepage.

3. On the login screen, click on “forgotten your details”

Reset Password or Username on Sportsbet Betting Website

4. Select “forgotten your username” or “forgotten your password”

5. Enter your email address and date of birth which you must have provided before when you registered your account.

6. Choose between the SMS and email verification method and your will be sent a verification code.

7. Enter the verification code into the field provided and click on “next”

8. You will be shown your Username of Password.