How to Withdraw Money from Hollywoodbets

A lot punters who place bets often find it confusing to either withdraw their bets or do not know how the easiest way to get their money out of a betting site. Hollywoodbets makes it easy for its customers to get their winnings by providing several payment options. While some punters prefer to use e-wallets, others prefer to have their winnings paid directly into their bank accounts. Here is how you can withdraw you money from the Hollywoodbets website. Please note that prior to withdrawal, you must have registered your account details on the website.

1. Go to the hollywoodbets official website and log into your user account.

Go to the hollywoodbets official website

2. Go to “Account” and verify how much winnings you have in your account.

3. Proceed to click on withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your winnings.

Withdraw Money from Hollywoodbets

4. Verify the numbers you have entered and click on “submit”. On refreshing your page, you will notice the amount you entered has been removed from your balance. This means your withdrawal is currently being processed.


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