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In the event that you lost a single game from an accumulated bet slip, instead of the usual practice of forfeiting your stake money, it will be refunded when you place a stake at Sportingbet’s official website.
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Basic information
Name Sportingbet
Odds Quality 89
Year Established 2009
Jurisdiction South Africa
Bettors from South Africa Accepted
Owners NETBET (Pty) Ltd (2012/187650/07) trading as Sportingbet South Africa
Currencies Rand
Deposit Options iPay, ecoPayz, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, NETELLER, PromoCode, Skrill, VISA
Sports covered
Horse Racing
English Premiere League
South African Premier Division
La Liga
Serie A
France Liga 1
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Sportingbet sportsbook maker is a household name in the betting industry. They have been in existence since 1998 as a provider of quality betting options for lovers of sports betting. Through consistent delivery of quality betting services their users have been enjoying, they have been able to expand to over 25 countries since inception.

With the relatively recent surge to explore betting options and earn from home among South Africans, Sportingbet established a version of itself (Sportingbet South Africa) to cater for local sport betting needs among South African residents in the year 2009.

Ever since their entrance into the market, they have lived up to expectation in terms of quality betting options, favourable odds and so many special offers.

Desktop & Mobile Betting

In terms of graphical display, easy navigation and website speed, Sportingbet’s official website performed excellently. The site was carefully designed to accommodate and appeal to all classes of punters.

Be it a desktop computer (Linux, Mac OS, or Windows OS) or a portable device with any of the major mobile operating system (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile), seamless experience is guaranteed at all times as the website will always resize to fit any device you are accessing it from.

For every R10 you wager, you get a point

Features & advantages

Sportingbet is still a force to reckon with in the South African betting industry not just because it is one of the pioneer betting websites. Its main strength lies in its ability to satisfy punters at all times.

At some point in the game, you must have felt the desire to discontinue a particular game while the odd is still in your favour. Well, Sportingbet offers a package called “cash out”. This package allows you to settle a game before it ends. Though you might not necessarily get your proposed earning, in most cases, it is usually better for you to cut your losses than lose your whole stake.

Aside from winnings gotten from placing a stake, Sportingbet also rewards players based on loyalty and the amount of bet placed. For every R10 you wager, you get a point. Depending on the number of points you earn, they can be used to place stakes for free. Please note that placing multiple bets significantly increases the number of points you get.

SportingBet bonus

Rules and Regulations

The first and most important requirement every new punter must meet before they can be allowed to place stakes on Sportingbet is the minimum age requirement. Every punter must be at least 18 years of age with SAR Identification number and FICA documentation before they can be allowed to place bets and earn money at Sportingbet.

As a betting firm dedicated to serving South African punters, its other rules are somewhat generic and you can relate with almost all of them. However, you are still advised to click here in order to acquaint yourself with the specifics contained therein as it becomes binding immediately you sign up.


Sportingbet has been offering online betting services to South Africans for almost a decade. During this period, there has been no indicting report about their refusal to credit a player after winning or involvement in any form of fraudulent activities to deny the players their earnings.

As a licensed operator under the Western Cape Gambling and Racing board for Bookmakers in South Africa and an accountable institution fully compliant with FICA’s regulation, you can be assured of transparent practices at all times.

Though Sportingbet South Africa was established to give South African bettors the best sports betting option, the security features are in tandem with the international security system used for all Sportingbet’s platform in other parts of the world. As a result, have no fear for the security and safety of all financial and personal transaction are totally secured against any form of data breach.

They host up to 30 different sports ranging from Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket and football

Betting options, in-play live streaming

In terms of great market selection, Sportingbet’s website can be adjudged as the best online bookmaker in South Africa. They host up to 30 different sports ranging from Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket and football among many others. Among them, football has the greatest depth with more than 500 competitions hosted around the year across all continents.

Aside from the regular win, draw or lose option available to all sports games, Placing stakes on football and other related games comes with additional options like

  • First to Score

The 1X2 options are not the only winning alternative in a game. You can earn a fortune by correctly predicting the first team to score.

  • Both team to Score

Regardless of the final score in a normal match time, correctly predicting the betting option “both teams to score” before the match starts earns you a win.

  • Match winner and both teams to score combo

This is a combination of “match winner option” and “both team to score” as a single option. If the final score after full-time reflects your choice, you have won.

  • Double Chance

As the title depicts, you can select a win/draw option for your team of choice. If the outcome falls between the two options you picked, you will be declared a winner.

  • Double Chance and both teams to score

This is also one of the final outcomes of a match fused as one. You will be declared a winner if the final outcome results as predicted.

  • Handicap 3-way (-3)

The central idea behind a Handicap option is by giving a goal advantage to any of the opposing team of choice. For instance, if you give a goal down to Liverpool in a game against Chelsea, for Liverpool to win that match, they will have to win by at least two goal margin.

Betting Limits

While the minimum amount you can place as stake is R8, the maximum stake depends on the type of sport you decided to place a stake on.

However, the maximum amount you can win from a single bet slip is R1,000,000. In the event that your accumulated figure exceeds the aforementioned, it shall be rounded up to that figure.

Finally, you will be restricted from placing bet for a specified amount of time if you lose up to R100,000 within four weeks.

Sportingbet football predictor

100% sign-up bonus of up to R2000 on their first deposit


All prospective punters at Sportingbet are eligible to a 100% sign-up bonus of up to R2000 on their first deposit.

In the event that you lost a single game from an accumulated bet slip, instead of the usual practice of forfeiting your stake money, it will be refunded when you place a stake at Sportingbet’s official website.
For more bonus packages, you are advised to frequent their website.

Payment features

Sportingbet has one of the most exhaustive lists in terms of payment options. With the iPay payment gateway installed on their website, you can make payment via ecoPayz, Fast Bank Transfer, MasterCard, NETELLER, PromoCode, Skrill and Visa.
You can make payment or withdrawal via any of the above-mentioned options.

Sportingbet registration

Customer support

Aside from having a comprehensive FAQ, the customer service team is always available to attend to enquiries, complaints and proffer assistance where necessary.
They can be contacted via:
Phone No: 0800 982 068
Email: [email protected]

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